October 3, 2004


I am forgettable.

People have the hardest time remembering me. And that's okay, I find it very humorous. When I was in College, this one guy introduced himself to me at least once a week (sometimes two or three times). We went to the same church, so I met him on Sundays. We also were involved in the same campus ministry so I often saw him at the weekly meetings and the social events. Every week he would walk up to me and say "Hi thanks for coming, my name is ____(name is withheld to protect the ignorant). Is this your first time here?" So it's not just that my name evaded him, nope my very existence was beyond his mental retention. The best part is that he remembered my friend that I went to church with and greeted her by name and then asked if I was her friend - every week!

After college, I took a ministry position and began attending a local church in a new town. My co-worker and dear friend and I met many people. Most of whom would remember her name and face immediately but they would always draw a blank on mine. In fact, there is one person whom I have known casually for 3 years now that still can't remember who I am (but at least he knows I look familiar). These are just two instances out of many I could name… The point is people have a hard time remembering me. I have always supposed it is because my friends are so wonderfully fun and extroverted that they leave such a lasting impression that I simply fade into the background and that's okay, I hate the spotlight.

If I am going to write about being forgotten, I must confess that I have recently and quite horribly have forgotten someone myself. His name is Adam (okay so that's not really the name he goes by but he let Andi and I rename him so it is now). But I digress, apparently I have met him three times. The first time, I yelled at him for not sitting in the circle during small group. Next, I introduced myself when we were out to eat with the same group. And finally, we went and played miniature golf with the same group of people. I'm horrified that I forgot him. But in my defense he wore a hat everytime and if a person wears a hat they are trying to keep you from remembering their face… or at least that's what I'm choosing to believe… So Adam, if you ever read this, I am truly sorry I forgot you!

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