October 28, 2004

House Sitting

I house sit fairly often for a variety of people. Usually the main purpose is to watch someone's dogs, although I have kept cats and kids before. It is always an interesting experience to live in someone else's home for awhile. I never sleep really well in a strange house, even in the most comfortable beds. But there have been times when getting a good night sleep was more of a challenge than usual.

I am house/dog sitting this week for a large yellow lab and a small pug. The second night I was here, I woke up with no feeling in my feet. As I regained consciousness, I realized the lack of feet was because there were two dogs lying across my legs and cutting off the circulation! Ahhhh! When I tried to get them to get off the bed, they started wrestling with each other. On top of me and all over the bed! Being rather incoherent in the middle of the night, it was all I could do to get them off the bed!

Another time, I kept two large dogs for a week. A greyhound and a dalmation. I was sleeping in a twin sized bed and awoke with one dog on either side of me! Talk about a cramped bed! They also worked as a great alarm clock... 5:30 every morning they were ready to get up and go out! There is only so much sleep you can get when two large dogs decide its time to start the day!

Even when I don't have dogs to awaken me, there are other factors that may be against me getting a good night sleep. One bed I slept in was really two twin mattresses side by side on a double frame. The problem was that where the two mattresses came together in the middle of the bed they formed a peak ^. It was like rolling up hill every time I moved towards the center of the bed. At several points during the night I awoke lying on the top of the hill with each arm "downhill." My back ached the whole time I stayed there :-)

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