November 7, 2004

I know the Queen

God has blessed my life with incredible people all around me. I wish you all could know each and every one of them. Some are a daily part of my life while others are rarely seen in person but always in my heart. The Queen is one who I have the pleasure of spending a lot of time with; our friendship is a wonderful tapestry of laughter and tears. In one day we can be entirely trivial and follow that with the deepest four-hour long conversation. A truly kindred spirit - much like Anne and Diana only the Queen has the spirit of Anne and the beauty of Diana.

I have known her for over three years now, but we really got to know each other on a mission trip to New Orleans. In fact, New Orleans is where I discovered she was Queen. I think our interaction really began when I decided I was bored and woke everyone in our van up to entertain me. After a few rounds of van twister the ice was broken and we could all bond. The Queen and her court jester explained how she is Queen and all the people she meets are peasants in her kingdom.

When we arrived in New Orleans, I was trying to gather the group together so I could explain the plan for the evening, but the Queen was talking to a small group on the other side of the parking lot. After calling her name three or four times with no response, Margaret called out "Your majesty!" and the Queen turned around. Yep, forget her name, "Your majesty" works great.

Our week was filled with serving God, which is my favorite pastime. And more than one person earned positions in the court. There was a knight who won a posture contest, a MAGLB, a girl who eventually became ambassador and myself who now holds the honored title of Royal Counselor and Travel Agent.

That was also the week I was taught that in order to conquer an inanimate object you must be 10% smarter than the object in question. Apparently I am not smarter than 2 out of 5 iron gates (especially when they seem rusted shut).

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