November 18, 2004

When it rains it pours!

So Naithan spent the first half of the week in the hospital again. I don't remember the name of his condition, but he's missing very important cells in his intestines. So he goes in for more tests tomorrow afternoon and then they expect to do surgery to remove part of his colon. - He was three weeks yesterday, please pray.

Then I came home tonight to learn that my Aunt Kathie's cancer had spread further than they had thought and the surgery didn't get it all. So now she has to go through more chemotherapy. And even then the doctors aren't too sure of things... Its an extremely aggressive cancer. Its hard to believe she was just diagnosed this summer.

I just can't win... Just when I think I can occupy my mind on happy thoughts.... Ecclesiastes is the only scripture that comes to mind and that really isn't all that encouraging. Thanks for the prayers....

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