March 18, 2006

Mystery Dog

My Grandaddy had hunting dogs until a few years ago. I remember being on the front porch and he would let them out of their pen and they would run circles around the house until he loaded them up in the back of the truck and took them hunting. We never got to play with them, but we did get to feed them and pet them when they got home.

When my mom was younger, they had a dog that would only hunt for my Grandaddy, my uncle and someone else - we never did find out who it was. The road where my Grandparents lives is sparsely populated and there is a bend in the road that corresponds with a dip in the road making it a blind spot where you can't see the road from the house. Every so often a truck would come down the road, stop in the bend of the road, there would be a whistle and the dog would go get in the truck. Later he'd return home.

They never did find out who it was he would hunt with.

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