May 25, 2006

New Book!

I just bought Jannie Wilcoxson's new book:Looking for Love in the Wrong Place I am so excited about it. Jannie is my Bible Study Teacher on Monday Nights. Her ministry is called Sound Words Ministry Let me tell you, if you want to stay how you are don't come. But if you want to be challenged by the Word of God and you want to know what God has to say - Check out the book - or cpme to a class.

I like to call my Bible Study a "scriptural smack down" cause I feel like all my complacencies and "hidden" areas of my heart are exposed by the Light of the Word of God. I leave without any excuses for living my own way. I must walk in His way because God's Word says so. It is so encouraging and life giving to spend time studying the Word of God with other believers who then go out and walk it out in their own lives!

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