November 18, 2006

Iron Bowl

So I understand the Hoopla concerning the Ohio State Michigan game, and living in Ohio, trust me, I hear all about it. But Today is Iron Bowl Day. It doesn't get any better than that. Sure Auburn, nor Tuscaloosa, have ever had massive riots with cars getting burned over a game like Columbus has, but that just seems to be more indicative of the type of fans they have, rather than anything about the schools themselves. Having been around other "big" Rivalries (Texas-Oklahoma, Ohio-Michigan) I must say there is nothing quite like the Auburn Alabama game. The atmosphere, the intensity, the tailgating. The bragging rites, the TRADITIONS that accompany the BIGGEST of all BIG RIVALRY games. You today I send out a WAR EAGLE! To the Auburn family. I hope we roll Toomer's tonight!

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