August 8, 2007

Los Caballos

Michelle and I went horseback riding while we were in Mexico. There were people of all ages and a range of experience. There was a little 3 year old who had never seen a horse before. They took a towel and laid it in the front of the saddle then had the little girl sit on the towel with a trail hand. She did a great job! She wasn't afraid of the horse at all and did a stellar job of staying calm. There was so much excitement for the little one that during the two hour return trip to the hacienda, she fell asleep. On the horse. She was completely out. When the Trail Hand got back to the ranch, he dismounted and rested her on his shoulder while he used his other arm to help others off their mounts. When her mother returned to the house, he passed her off and smiled saying "No more tequila!" Which was about the only thing I heard him say all day.

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