March 21, 2009

Can you spell dreamy???

So I got on to post on something else, but the following phone conversation occurred while I was trying to get started so I HAD to write it.

Kaileyn: No, we don't have any milking does available for sale.

Person on the phone: mmmmmwwwahhh (I couldn't hear the other end of the conversation)

Kaileyn: Yes, we have a website, you can look up. It's "Dreamy Hollow dot com"

Person: mmmmwwwahhh

Kaileyn: No, D.

Person: mmmwwwahh

Kaileyn: No. D

Tami: Say D as in Dog

Kaileyn: No. D

Tami: Say D as in Dog

Kaileyn: D...... R

Person: mmmwwaahh

Kaileyn: E.

Person: mmwwahh

Kaileyn: No, E.

Person: mmwwahh


Kaileyn: A..... No. A.

Person: mmmwaahh

Tami: USE ANIMALS, E as in Elephant.

Kaileyn: M as in Mammal.

Tami and I laughed at this: Not quite what I meant.

Kaileyn: Y as in Yak. Hyphen. H like Horse.

Person: hmmmsh

Me: Ooooh! Use Octopus, use octopus!

Kaileyn: O like Octopus. L like Lama. Another L for Lama. W for Walrus.

Person: mmmhhh

Kaileyn: Dot.

Person: mmhhhhh?

Kaileyn: Dot..... No. Dot

Person: chhdms

Kaileyn: Dot (now I won't actually write the fact that I think she had to tell the lady "Dot" 5 or 6 times before moving on, but I promise she actually did).

Kaileyn: C as in Cat. O for Octopus. M for mammal.

Person: mmchchhchc

Kaileyn: Okay, have a nice day. (hangs up). I promise she asked if we had a website!

I laughed hard! It was really entertaining.

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