September 12, 2011


My baby.  I don't know if any of you recall my telling you about him when I returned in March.  I fell in love with him back then. He is so sweet.  The most chill kid you have ever met. At four months, he was just happy to be in the nursery. content. rarely crying. Number one adjective to describe him then: Relaxed.  Fast forward a few months... Today, he's a little over 8 months old. He has the most adorable crooked smile and dimple you have ever seen (I might be a little partial- but I doubt it). When I arrived a few weeks ago, he was the only baby in his house not actually crawling yet..he was still doing the tummy shuffle - military style and that not very efficiently. I get to spend some time everyday with him. Usually early in the morning before the other kids have left their houses for breakfast, I go and get him (and the laundry - yes I'm still doing laundry for more than 11 people daily) and spend an hour or so snuggling him. by 7:30 he's ready for a nap and he falls asleep while I rock him on the Galri of the Big House. Since arriving, he's really taken off - and I mean he's a little speed turtle (thank you Sandra Boynton). He's also started chattering - I think talking will come soon. I put him in bed a couple days ago and he pulled up on the side - a first for him - and reached for me to hold him again.  He's definitely decided that I belong to him - which is okay by me...although he doesn't like to share me. He is really starting to flourish and his little personality comes more alive each day! It's so fun to watch him.  He often waits for me at the door of the nursery, and on Saturday, Diane said he got so excited when he heard my voice outside that he threw himself backwards trying to get through the door!  Pray for him, his mom is around but has no interest in him or coming to see him.  I hope he grows up to be a world changer...he's already changed mine.

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