October 16, 2011


One of the most frustrating things I've come across is not being able to share my experiences in photographic form with everyone.  I finally got some to post to Facebook and will share of few of my favorites here. It takes forever!  But I will keep trying... It seems to work okay today so I will try to add a few for you all to share the experience.  For now this photo shows our two guests.  Their mother brought them to us for help.  They weighed about 2 and a half pounds each when they got here.  We are overdue for a weigh in but the are over 3 lbs now!

This was Kyle's Birthday Party the first week I got here.  We bonded, and had a good time!  The Restaurant was really good and had a fabulous view of the ocean.

One of my little girls!  Isn't Melissa adorable?  She is ALWAYS this photogenic too!  Haven't gotten a bad photo of her yet!

Here they are today (okay so yesterday) at one month old!  Getting so big!

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