February 23, 2012

February 4-6

Saturday & Sunday, Days THREE and FOUR, Kris (a surfer friend who is French and comes most weekends) came in to surf. He brought a friend from work, Hannes, with him. Hannes is from Germany. I really feel like we should get a map and start marking where all the people who come through here are from. We also had a couple guys who work with Save the Children in Port au Prince come over to rent surf boards for the day. Colm is from Ireland (Red Hair, Fair Skin – classic Irish); Mark is from England. This was their second weekend to come. Last weekend they both got “sun stroke” which their supervisors had instructed them NOT to get this time. I called them in every couple hours to remind them to rehydrate. Spain was also well represented this weekend. Three surfers from a spanish NGO in Jacmel came out to surf. Olive Tree showed up early Sunday – I love when they come spend the day with us. Alfaida (the cutest baby) comes with them and she lives with Sarah and I LOVE getting to play with her. Sarah took in Alfaida when her mother, who is HIV positive, wasn't sure where she was going to live. Said she needed help for a few months to get things together. She is supposed to come back for Alfaida in March. Alfaida has tested negative for HIV! Which is a HUGE blessing. One more test to go for it to be official.

Monday, Day FOUR, we walked up to Marigot in the morning and then spent some time across the way in the Baby House cleaning and organizing. Then Travis said he was off to see Nick and Gwen, with Joy in Hope. We invited ourselves along (after calling first) so we could meet their kids, see their place and use their internet (which is faster than ours way out here in Kabic). We decided to cook dinner – BBQ chicken and Rice. We made the BBQ sauce from scratch. Plus they gave us a Loaf Pan so I can make bread in a real loaf pan! Two of their girls helped us cook and we played Apples to Apples together... which is a lot of fun! The winner of the night: “Your Face” I'm thinking.

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