November 29, 2004

Greetings from Boston, Mass

Okay so in case you don't know this about me.... I LOVE the holidays. From Thanksgiving to New Years there is just so much to love... I get to break out the Christmas Music which is my absolute favorite - and much to my friend's chagrin I start as soon as Thanksgiving begins its approach... which sometimes means the first of November (if my spirits are in need of a real pick me up)... other times I manage to wait until the weekend before Thanksgiving. I go straight from War Eagle after the Iron Bowl to Silent Night. While I am certainly one of those people who thinks its too soon to put up your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving and I get annoyed with stores for ignoring this holiday because only the grocery stores make a killing at Thanksgiving, I love my Christmas music. Most of it proclaims that which I am most THANKFUL for.... Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, stepping down from heaven to come to earth and fulfill His Father's will. I appreciate His coming, I am overwhelmed by His sacrifice. To be perfect and yet come to this earth to save my worthless soul. Wow! How humbled I am to even think of it. So to say that Thanksgiving was... well, less than wonderful... makes me entirely sad. But in an effort to live out my theory that by ignoring something I won't have to deal with it - I will simply say it was great to see family and at the same time extremely depressing. (If you really want to know more and catch me at a moment when I don't mind crying in public- ask me about it later). So along the lines of ignoring the unpleasant... On Saturday night I went to a wedding for two of my friends Lindsey and Brandon. I've known them since they met... since they were still trying to pretend they were "just friends" because each was dating someone else and I've had the priviledge of watching their friendship grow - centered on Christ - and become what I always suspected it would. They extended the honor of an invitation to share their special day and so I flew home early to attend the wedding. It was beautiful. They looked like a couple straight from Hollywood. But what was really entertaining was what occurred prior to 5:30. To say that the directions were bad, would be a gross overstatement. Wrong would be accurate and in truth only wrong at one juncture - you can't turn left onto Blaine Highway! But with that conquered and no idea how far down the road we had to go we drove and drove and drove. We had thought we were going to a church in a small town, but it turns out we were going to a VERY small church in the middle of somewhere. It was clear we didn't know where we were. I finally convinced the city girls I was riding with that the shot-gun toting man on the four-wheeler would in all likelihood NOT shoot us if we stopped and asked for directions. But before we could stop he was heading off towards the woods. So I called the illustrious Queen and she acted as my On-Star service and got us to where we were headed... a church down a gravel road. By quarter till we were safely installed in our pews, like good little wedding guests. The wedding was suppose to start at 5 - that's when Lindsey's foot should have started to proceed down the aisle. The candles were lit, the ribbons and flowers were out. It was decorated very nicely. There were two candelabras at the front. Each was shaped like Heart and had white taper candles burning. The lights were dim - it was very elegant... Then the first Gasp was sounded by all attentive guests. One of the candles from the top of the heart leaned and fell to the ground. A nimble groomsman ran to the front, extinguished the flame, picked up the candle, relit it, and returned it to its home. Thus began 30 minutes of candles falling and people putting them back. Pretty soon our side of the church was rolling in laughter as befuddled men in tuxedos tried their best to solve the candle problem... Eventually the solution was found by the photographer who came and removed the offending candles. I needed that laugh. Afterall, a wedding is a joyous occasion.

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