November 30, 2004

The Attack Horse

I think I mentioned Daisy in a prior post. She's the Spauldings' horse that thinks she's a dog...She's also really good at getting out of her pen and into the road at ungodly hours (you know...the ones that I shouldn't be aware come twice a day). Daisy comes when called like a dog... She's great. She just wants to be where the people are. She even heels like a dog. Although she sometimes has problems stopping so if you call and she comes at a full gallup you may want to move just before she reaches you.

When Lance was still a baby-guy, we were getting a new stovetop delivered. Tami took the other kids to a friend's for swimming and French class and I stayed at home with Lancey-boy napped. As is often the case everything happens at once. I was cleaning up the formal room when I noticed a large semi stopping out in front of the house. Just then Lance awoke and began to cry. Then...the phone rang. I went and got Lance up, and was headed to the phone as the doorbell rang. I answered the phone and headed towards the door curious as to why the delivery man would not lay off the doorbell. As I swung open the door, I saw the funniest most priceless sight ever!

The delivery man fell into the entryway having squeezed himself between the door and the large box containing the stovetop. Why, do you ask? Because my beautiful Daisy-girl had followed the man onto the front porch. Apparently she had let herself out to graze in the front yard and being like a really friendly dog, just wanted him to pet her.

I've never seen a grown man run so fast in my life. The minute my signature was on the paper he bolted to his truck leaving me with a crying baby in one hand, a phone on my shoulder, a large box balancing against my other arm and a horse who now wants to come in the front door. Needless to say the next few minutes were interesting...but I did manage not to break anything. And I think Lance came out of the situation with a strong attachment to horses.

Forget guard dogs... everyone should get a Daisy.

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