December 15, 2004

Papa Dewey

Way back when I lived in Maryland, I knew a man named Papa Dewey. Papa Dewey was that awesome, ancient (I say ancient, but he was probably only in his 60s), old deacon that you find in some churches... You know, the one who loves every child and always has gum. Papa Dewey was a quiet, strict man and you always obeyed him the first time he told you to do anything... He was also the simply coolest person on earth. There was an aura around him that made you feel as though disobedience might lead to your missing out on something fun. All the kids loved Papa Dewey. He was known to organize a game of softball outside just after service in suit and tie. And what was really cool... girls were welcome! He always had a kind word and smile (and a stick of gum) for us.

One day, Papa Dewey was driving home from DC; it was cold and icy. He came upon a man walking on the side of the road. Papa pulled over and offered the man a ride. As he pulled back into traffic, the man pointed a gun at him and told him to follow directions. Papa prayed. Papa always prayed before he did anything. And then.... Papa began sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. He started with Jesus love and how Jesus, GOD, had come to earth to live among us, lived a sinless life, and then CHOSE to die on the cross for our sins - ALL our sins so that we could be forgiven and would have the opportunity to know God and to have eternal life.

The man told Papa Dewey to shut up. Papa told him he'd have to kill him to shut him up. If he was going to die, he was going to die sharing the Gospel with someone who needed to hear it. So he kept talking. Finally the man had enough! He ordered Papa to pull over on the side of the road and began crying. Papa offered to pray with him, he only shook his head and bolted out the door. Papa used to say he couldn't wait to get to heaven and find that man there.... afterall, he would smile the gospel always gets results.

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