December 6, 2004

Tre piccolos orsos


...a police van that was stopped at the traffic light they just blew through. The station wagon took the next corner on two wheels causing Mace and Blade to restrain Arlo who really just wanted to watch the explosion. Quickly the General parallel parked between two vans and they all ducked down as three squad cars sped by.

A heated argument ensued:

"Now look what you've done Arlo… aren't we in enough trouble with the law without randomly sending them to their death?" asked Mace.

"I kept us from a ticket and you know it. The General totally ran that light right in front of …"

"Oh you know you just like to watch things explode," snapped the General who didn't like to have his driving criticized.

"I'd really like to go swimming. Its really of hot," sighed Blade who had just noticed a flier for sprinkler systems.

The other three just looked at him. It was hot. He was right. If they could find some shade where they could park it might compensate for the lack of air conditioning in the station wagon while they decided their next move. Shade, where could they find some shade here in the city. The sun was still too high in the sky to use the shadows of buildings. Wait. Shadows. They knew that should make them think of something. But what? What in the world were they missing?

Just then the walkie-talkie began to make noise and a voice finally spoke…

to be continued...

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