January 8, 2005


I am in the process of majorly cleaning out my room... It needs it. In the very back of the shelf in my closet I came across a box of notes from Junior High and High School. I know it's time to throw these away, but I had to sit and read each one before I tossed it in the trash.

I had some pretty awesome friends! I had some bad ones too. But I think the best friendship I had (based solely on the type of information she wrote in her notes and what I remember about her) was Krissy (though at some point she changed it to Kryssi).

Her notes started out with what to expect in class. Went to any pertinent information about our other friends (like who was mad at me - or who was mad at her). But the BEST part was after all the appropriate signing off, her "P.S." was usually a "Heads-up-this-is-what-people-are-saying-about-you" - which was very important in the social savvy world I lived in.

I think what made our friendship work was that we didn't hang out. Hardly ever - at school or at home. But she was a girl of whom I could ask anything and she would answer. We never got offended by one another. In fact our lives were totally different. It makes me sad to think I've totally lost touch with her. It was one of those true friendships where it isn't based on what you do or say - you are just friends - not even sure why but you are. Everyone should have a friend like Kryssi

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