January 11, 2005

Taste and See that the Lord is Good

Okay Scott, so here's a sneak peak at what we talked about... Just a little bit... I was going to put it in the comments, but it got way too long, so I deleted the comments and made it a post. Here it is.... A little peak at one of the things we looked at... Enjoy.

We started out looking in 1 Chronicles 22 where David wants to build a temple for God and God won't let him because he was a man of war, there was blood on his hands. So the task fell to Solomon, to whom God had promised peace. Here David is, a man after God's own heart and he wants so badly to build a House for God. But God won't let him. Why? Because he (David) had been a man of war - which is exactly what God told him to be. So because he obeyed God, he wasn't allowed to do something for God. That (building the temple) was delegated to someone else, in this case Solomon.

Wait... You mean we have specific tasks that God asks us to do and we aren't suppose to do other people's job? Jump to 1 Corinthians 12... Yep still applies today.

Who else had specific tasks? The Levites. Yep, this whole tribe was called out, apart from the rest of the children of Israel, to be set apart and be servants. But that wasn't enough for some of them. Nope, Numbers chapter 4 tells us that the Levites were given specific tasks, all centering around serving in the Tabernacle. So a certain group was in charge of vacuuming, another group dusting, another Taking down this item for transport, another that item. But some of them had task-envy and wanted Aaron's job...

Korah (chapter 16 of Numbers) and a few others got together and rose up against Moses and complained - they wanted to know who put him in charge (now how stupid can you get - hello, God did!). So Moses tried to tell them to do their own job and not try to take someone else's but they wouldn't. So God struck them dead. Okay so there was a little more to it than that. But basically, He opened the earth up and swallowed them whole sent them to Sheol alive! - With their whole families and all their possessions (Guess that might say something about the responsibility attached to being the head of the household, I mean think about it ladies, do you want to marry someone who might take you to hell with him because he's dissatisfied with the really cool task God gave him? - I know our salvation is individual but the man certainly sets the direction in the family, God holds him responsible for a heck of a lot).

It's a really cool chapter with lots to see about treating God Holy.... But that's a whole other tangent (Did you just read that to yourself as "a whole 'nother? Cause when I read it aloud, I do). Another tangent to look at is to read and see how a few disgruntled people lead almost 15,000 people to their death!

Okay so application... What tasks have God asked you to do that you aren't doing... And what tasks are you trying to do that God hasn't given for you to do? Are you wishing you were given someone else's task? If so, why? Get over yourself and follow God, OBEY! At which point we discussed how you can be confident that you will have success in the tasks he has given, but I think that would take twice as long to go through.... Maybe another time.... Or ask me. We all know I love to talk and besides, I doesn't seem to come out as clearly when I write it. You miss my jumping up and down with enthusiasm and getting so excited I lose track of where I was and have to start back again....

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