January 19, 2005

Thank You

Do you know what is a truly wonderful thing? A friend.

I had the absolute worst day, yesterday. One of those days where if you weren't bombarded with phone calls and sitting in a room with other people, you might just curl up in the fetal position and cry.... I was still tempted to even though there were people in the room.

As soon as I got off I work, I called Andi. But she was still at work, so I called Tami. I needed to talk to her, I'd missed our weekly chat on Saturday. Besides a listening ear, Tami provides that miraculous thing called perspective. She can listen to everything I am saying and then pinpoint my exact frustration! And then, what's even more awesome... She encourages me in how God can use the very thing that I'm upset about. It has an amazing calming effect.

I can't thank God enough for friends who remember to point me always back to His throne. We talked through my stuff and then caught up in general on life. That was good... I got to hear stories about my babies and all the adorable things (and frustrating things) they had done in the last week. If you are going to be ornery I recommend being cute too, it may be your salvation. ;-)

Then she shared a prayer request which I will pass on to you. We have some friends in Texas. They were riding bikes as a family around the block and one of their sons, Matthew (I think), fell and hit his head. He fell so hard it fractured his skull in two places (one where he hit and the other on the opposite side of his head!) He has finally regained consciousness and can speak and see, etc. They believe he may have lost some hearing in one ear (the side he hit), but mostly he has the attention span of a two year old and absolutely no inhibitions. I think he's 14, I'm not sure. Pray for the doctors and his parents and siblings. His father asked for prayer that their faith would remain strong in God, who is good and in control, and they would be able to share the love of Christ with those who see them in the midst of these trying circumstances.

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