February 9, 2005

You asked for a what!?!?

A friend of mine and I used to have repeated discussions about praying for little things. My stance was that God cares about all the little details, so I should pray about them. God may or may not answer my prayers in the way I want, but He is still good and still cares. My friend felt that the fact that it was freezing outside and I would really like a close parking spot, didn't matter so much to God - it was a waste of His time so to speak.

That spring we went to a baseball game (okay so we went to a few), but on the way to one specific game we got into our discussion again. So I told him I was going to pray and ask God to give him a ball from the game. (I asked God to help me prove my point - but I would still believe even if He didn't). We got to the ticket counter and the seats we got were way up high (I mean airplanes were buzzing our heads - high). He smirked and said I'm not catching any fly-balls up here (while patting my head in that infuriatingly funny way only certain people can). So we sat, and I prayed. The game was great. I think our team won. I don't really remember, because I was having way too much fun with my friends.

The game ended and we began to saunter down the stadium to exit. We decided not to hurry because of all the traffic so we spent some time looking at the river and talking and laughing and just really enjoying the wonderful company. I was just beginning to get disappointed that he wasn't going to get a ball when a facility worker came out from the field. He looked up, saw us, said "Hey, you want a ball from the game?" and tossed one to my friend.

It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and just smile like I knew I was right. My God is big enough to care and to show it! The whole way home I kept thanking God and smiling. My friend just shook his head. He never argued the point with me again, though.

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