February 1, 2005


So my little red-headed man has a new friend. His name is Sport. Sport is four years old, has red curly hair, fair skin (but he tans well), likes horses and shaving his "wickers". Lance and I were having our weekly chat and he was telling all about the things he and Sport have been up to. They have been very busy. Sport is a very bad influence on Lance, though. Sport told Lance it would be a good idea to get all the candy out of Lance's sister's purse and eat it. Apparently that kind of thing is okay when you are at Sport's house. Lance said he told Sport "No." But Sport thought it was a good idea so he did it anyway.

Sport is a new addition to the "world" - when we take ALL the kids somewhere we take "the whole world." It's not new for a child especially an imaginative child to have a "friend" that doesn't exist. It's not even all that uncommon for children to blame their misdeeds on others - even imaginary others.

But what is unique about Sport is he has a sister the same age as Lance's sister and the two of them are Best Friends. Her name is Anna (I think). Anna and Shannyn apparently do a lot of stuff together. Every day Lance tells Shannyn about the adventures she and Anna had together the day before. And being the awesome girl that she is, Shannyn plays right along.

So basically Lance has a new best friend (in his head) and so does Shannyn (also in his head). The funny thing is Anna and Shannyn don't really get into trouble. They just do lots of fun stuff. Aren't kids minds so interesting? I can't wait to get to meet Sport when I go visit again. This also has the added bonus of allowing me to discuss with Lance why we have to be strong and not follow what our friends are doing. We are responsible for our own actions even when "others" come up with the idea.

It's the same Biblical principle that Paul talks about when he says he does the very thing he does not want to do. Its a struggle with temptation and the flesh, only, as a four year old, he explains it as his "friend," Sport.

So the question is, am I allowing my own "Sport" to make the decisions in my life? What about yours?

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