April 2, 2005

Cutting Edge Architecture

One of the reasons I went to Auburn University was because of their College of Architecture, Design, and Construction. It's one of the best in the country. The most unique aspect of which is the opportunity for students to participate in Rural Studio and Urban Studio (whose website isn't up and working today). Both are amazing opportunities for students to study and gain practical experience.

Rural Studio, specifically, generates some of the most cutting edge Architecture (built with found and donated items) in the world. People come from Europe to see and study these structures. A really fun and interesting approach to low income housing and student experience. Students move to the poorest county in Alabama, live and work among their neighbors. Year year they choose a family to build a house for. Spend time getting to know the needs of the family. Then the design process begins. As students transfer in and out as semesters change, they are allowed to redesign, the only restriction is they cannot tear down that which has already been built. They not only design but build the structures as well. Its a totally awesome experience. Check out the website and enjoy the creative minds....

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