March 17, 2005

House Sitting Part II

I am house sitting, again. I love house sitting. It's like a vacation without going anywhere. A change of scenery for a short period of time. Just long enough to make you ready to go home. This time I'm house/pet sitting for a new family. I don't roll uphill at night in this bed. Again, I am keeping two dogs but I also have a cat. A Psycho cat. Its one of those felines that comes over and rubs against your leg and looks up at you and purrs making it clear that he wants to be petted. But the moment you reach down he hisses and tries to bite you.

After deciding the best policy was to simply ignore the cat and go about my business, the cat decides that it wants to get to know me. Friday night Andi came over and we watched a movie (I think), met a friend for coffee (I got an Italian Soda!!) and then stayed up talking. Needless to say it was already quite late (or early depending on your perspective) when I crawled into bed. I was getting myself situated and about to turn out the light when psycho cat decided to join me on the bed.

At first he went to the farthest corner, glared and hissed. As if to say, stay on your own side. But then he began to back his way across the bed to my leg. He sat on my ankle and slowly began inching his way up my leg to my stomach. Hissing at me the entire time with his devilish eyes narrowed to tiny slits. Great! I just know this cat is going to kill me in my sleep! Then he would bat a paw at my face, show me his teeth and move back to my ankle. Then the process would begin again. After an hour, I am completely exhausted - its around 4 am now, and I give up. I decided to pull the covers over my head and hope that if Psycho cat attacks me in my sleep - maybe there won't be much damage done through the blankets. When I woke up 2 1/2 hours later to a large dog sniffing in my ear wanting to be let out.... Psycho cat is asleep on top of me with his face towards mine. So that when I shift to try and get up, he wakes up hisses at me and goes racing out of the room. Talk about fright, he nearly took my nose off.

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