May 1, 2005

A Town Called........ What?

This past weekend, Andi and I drove down to visit a friend of ours in Kentucky. On our way, we began to discuss town names, or rather the origin of names. What instigated this conversation was a sign for Indianapolis. That got me to trying to remember where the suffix -polis comes from. -ville is from French, -ton or -town is British, -burg is German, but I couldn't access from the deepest recesses of my mind where in the world -polis comes from. Upon mentioning this, Andi decides to look up other -polis' in the US and as a Kentucky map was handy she starts looking through the list..... All of a sudden she bursts into laughter. Sure enough there is a town called Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky! An online search shows we aren't the only ones to have discovered this little oddity, however we may be among the few to visit, as we are planning a road trip in the future ;-) Apparently all that is left is a taxidermist.

In case you are curious, -polis is Greek.

This also got me to thinking of other interesting towns and places. I think the most fun festival I ever went to was the Loachapoka Syrup Sopping Festival lt is an unusual and tasty event to say the least. One of the best parts.... It's really fun to say. The name is from the Creek Indians who used to live there and means "where turtles are killed."

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