June 28, 2005

Bible Study

Okay, so I'm going to take a break from all the brattiness and talk about my Bible Study... which I love! We have been studying the Kings and Prophets (working through the Precept studies) We are in 2 Kings right now. I joined this study back in Deuteronomy (they started in Genesis) and have worked our way up to 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles (for those of you who don't know, 1&2 Kings parallels 2 Chronicles). I missed 1&2 Samuel while I was living out west, but I have gotten so very much out of these studies. I really recommend doing a study of the Old Testament (specifically one that helps you see how VERY relevant it is to today - and how interconnected it is with the New Testament).

As I walk out of Bible Study I am always a little blown away (sometimes really blown away). I feel as though I've experienced a "scriptural smack-down" at times. It's a group of people unapologetically looking at what the Word of God says and challenging each other to walk it out during the rest of the week.

This week we looked at 2 Kings 9. When Jehu is anointed King of Israel and wipes out the House of Ahab... His boldness when confronting sin is amazing, but what really amazes me is how everyone involved in the story KNEW what the Word of the Lord was. They all knew the prophesies and what God had declared. So when Jehu was carrying out the task God gave him, he didn't have to check back on certain details because he already knew what God had said about that.

One of the ladies in my class made a comment that resounded in my soul... she comes from a Hindu background and was relating a recent experience at a family function. When her children fused at her for pointing out something that was not scriptural she replied, "If the culture is wrong, I have to stop doing it."

Wow! I hope I have that boldness and the follow-thru to do that as well. Even if that culture is the American Christian Church! You know? We need to stand on Scripture - the Word of God and not cultural tradition, no matter what it looks like.

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