July 9, 2005

The things kids say...

So I promised some fun stories about my trip... Here are just a couple

Layne, still calls me "Pink" most of the time - which I have come to love (so when he's being exceptionally ornery he calls me Tamara). Layne is into all things Spiderman. When he was a baby I would waltz with him around the living room during our two hours every evening where he wanted to sleep and we wanted him to be awake so that he would sleep longer at night. He loved it. He would smile at me and snuggle. He would cry when we stopped. Well this visit, I was dancing around the living room with Naithen and Layne came in crying. So I picked him up as well and the three of us danced together. Then Layne got down so he could show me how to dance. For a 2 year old, he has some good moves :-)

Later, Layne and I were sitting in the car waiting for those who had run into the store to return and he crawled up in my lap. I asked him if he'd dance with me when we got home. He said "no."







"you-be-my-pin-sis" (with an emphasis on every unintelligible syllable and an exasperated look)

"You want me to be your princess?"

"Yes! I marry you, you-be-my-pin-sis" (I got a look that said I can't believe it took you so long to get that)

"OH!" - I finally got it

"I-be-you-piderman, you-be-my-pin-sis!"

"you'll be my Spiderman?"

"Yes" - with the sweetest smile

"Will my Spiderman dance with his princess?"

"No" - stated very matter-of-factly.

End of discussion. Even if I was his princess, he wouldn't dance with me. But that's okay. Naithen and I will have to dance together for now.

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