July 29, 2005

Winging It

So apparently I have gotten really bad about relying on my memory - I've either swung in the direction of being a "free Spirit" or I've gotten very forgetful - lazy. I'll leave that to your decision.

Halfway to the airport I realized I didn't know what airline I was flying out on. I had booked tickets for two trips at the same time and ... For that matter I wasn't positive what airport I was suppose to fly out of! I got one of the two right... I went to the right airport... I felt a little foolish calling the person picking me up to find out what airline I was on - but it's a good think I did! I had it narrowed down to 2 in my head and neither one was right!

Sometimes I wonder at why I share the foolish things I do with other people. As soon as I share them I start to worry what people think - I'm stupid, or silly, or what. But I guess I share because they make me laugh and I like to laugh - especially at myself (although I wish I didn't give myself quite so many opportunities). In the end, laughing is well.. Happy!

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