March 4, 2006

Joy and Sadness

I remember growing up and hearing stories about this person or that person who died shortly before my brother or I was born. Crazy-wonderful personalities from our family that are part of the unique and beautiful tapestry that is our history. I always thought it was sad that we never got to meet this fascinating people. Why is it that God blends the happy with the sad in this way. A new beginning with an end? My nephew Brendan was born last Sunday. A beautiful healthy baby (who if I have any say will one day be an Auburn Tiger ;-) ) . Today we got a call that it looks like my Grandpop won't make it through the week. Between losing Kathie last November and Pop now, it seems awful that Brendan won't know either of these wonderful people. And yet, I am convinced that he will get to know a little of them as long as we continue to remember them and tell their stories. Just as I know bits and peices about Uncle Sock (Who I believe died just before my brother was born).

This has been a six months for Grandmother. Losing a daughter and now her husband of 60 years. Please pray for all of us, especially her during this time. She needs to find her strength in God and I praise His holy name that she knows Him as her Savior. Pray for my Uncle John as well, as his family does not have the comfort and peace that Jesus brings. I rejoice in the knowledge that God knows what He is doing and His timing is perfect. Pray for me as I seek to carry His light to my family and be a comfort to my Grandmother.

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