March 5, 2006


Peace comes at last to my Pop. He died this evening. His body is finally at rest. It is amazing to me how we can suddenly be gone. No more. I have said many many many goodbyes in my life - most of which have been because of moving. It seems death is the "Ultimate Move." They are gone, just like the others we have loved and left (or they left us), but this time there is no address to send an occasional card. No phone number to call and say I'm thinking of you. And yet, there is a peace in knowing that your loved one is at rest. They are safe, in no more pain. They possess a new body that is whole and healthy. Their time is being spent in the presence of God and entirely taken up with praising His name. I believe my Grandpop was a child of God, though he didn't speak much about it. So I find my peace knowing that God is so good. He created this universe and He will be praised. He is our assurance and our Hope. I thank Him for family and friends who are supportive and loving. I am praying for each of you today.

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