May 22, 2006

Family Gossip

I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever been the topic of so much family gossip. You have to love a cousin who is willing to tell you when you are the number one topic of conversation - okay so probably there are a few other more important conversations going on in the family circle, but this is the first time I can remember being one of them when I haven't actually done anything yet! Apparently it is all over the family gossip circle that I am moving! Yep. I hadn't even figured out yet if that was a realistic idea - if it was what God wants or anything, but in family circles I'm as good as gone! Who knew.

Now I have been the topic of conversation before, don't get me wrong. There was the time I was a bit too adventuresome and up and moved to Dallas, TX. There was the time I clearly lost my mind - when I quit my job in Dallas and became a missionary. OH and then when I was "avoiding growing up" by becoming a nanny. But what I think I'm best known for in the family is being alone. Yep - It's just me. Most of my family doesn't even ask any more if I'm seeing anyone. Which is nice because it saves me from the "don't you think you might be a too picky" lecture that is oh so tiresome.

My favorite quote from "'Til There Was You" is when the little old lady asks 'Gwen' why she isn't married. Gwen goes into this whole tirade about how its okay that she's almost 30 and still single - it's the 90's for goodness sake and she doesn't need a man - which coincidentally is the topic of the movie: her quest to find her perfect match- anyway the little old lady says. "I never married either. I always supposed it was because nobody ever asked me." Gwen's response was "that's the other reason." It makes me smile just thinking about it.

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