May 17, 2006

The Most Handsome Man in the World!

I have long believed that my Granddaddy was the most incredible man in the world! He has a way about him. I can't explain it other than to be in his presence is the most relaxing, calming, stabilizing influence I've ever been around. He's quiet - a "man of few words" - but his advise is sound and his love is evident. Long ago I found a picture of him with my Grannie on their wedding day, standing beside a car out in the front yard of her Papa's house. I can definitely say he was one of the most humble and handsome people I've ever seen (I know I might be a teeny bit partial - but you'd agree if you saw the picture). My most favorite place in the world is sitting beside him on the swing in the front yard. It used to be under a pecan tree, but those are gone now and it now resides under the shade of another plant that has grown up along the fence line.

As a child, I would spend hours sitting beside him on that swing. Mostly just sitting. Sometimes he'd tell me a story about his childhood, or serving in World War II, or our family. But mostly we'd just sit there. Enjoying being together. I can't explain why I liked just sitting there quietly so much - except to say that it's where he was.

Because I'm so - well me - I was looking up what the "real" spelling of Granddaddy is - apparently the dictionary says you can spell it either way -- Grandaddy or Granddaddy -- but what I really liked was the definition beside it: "One that is the first, oldest, or most respected of its kind." That's my Granddaddy!

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