July 12, 2006

Amazing Inflence, Part 2

The first time I met Jon, he was speaking at a conference for teens that I took Kyndra and her friend Ashley to. He spoke on God being our True North. That weekend I met quite a few amazing young godly people. People who are so passionate about God and His Word that is affects the way they live each and every day. (I met Sarah here – she’s amazing too – Such a godly desire to keep God at the center of her life and holding so closely to a standard of purity that in the dance studio she owned she would use no seductive, suggestive or inappropriate moves. Dance is to be worship to God – not something to imitate the world around us). We started going to Bible Study with Jon (and Sarah for that matter) each week. God had this way of using Jon to say just the right words to prick my heart and reveal my ugliest innermost thoughts and feelings. I’m sure if I could have maintained a sense of dignity in that Bible Study I would have – but since I was always one to share the stupid and embarrassing things I did with others – and Mitchell was always willing to share them if I didn’t (which was okay because I think it was God’s way of keeping me humble - that and I do some really stupid stuff sometimes) there wasn’t much room for dignity or pride. One night at Bible Study, I made a comment – though jokingly said – revealed a very wrong attitude in my heart. We were eating and talking and just fellowshipping before the study began, and wouldn’t you know Jon totally called me on it. Right there in front of everyone – not harshly, or loudly but gently and firmly. I almost allowed the pride in me to puff up. But God gave me the strength to be teachable in that moment and realize how right he was. Wow did that hurt my pride! But you know, in that moment I appreciated Jon more than any other passing acquaintance I’ve ever had. God taught me then and there that he puts us in relationship with other people so we can do just that. Point each other to Christ. It may not feel great in the moment but it’s amazing to know that someone loves Christ enough to set a fellow follower of Christ straight. Helping one another line up with the Word of God – now that’s what friendship is really about.

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