October 19, 2006

She did what?!?!?

I recently saw an acquaintance (for her annonymity, I won't tell how I know her). Her mannerisms seemed a little off, ackward, strange. She kept cutting her eyes at me and staring at the ground. I simply thought that it was my imagination or it had simply been a long time since I'd seen her. That is until someone else related the funniest thing I had heard in a very VERY long time.

Apparently my acquaintance was having some neck pain (and probably other issues with her neck - I don't really know) So she found a doctor who would inject her neck muscles with Botox. What? Did you just say? That's right. Botox. That "wonderful" muscle relaxer that has kept wrinkles from forming on many a celebrity's forhead. The problem is that it relaxed her neck muscles so much she had to support her head with her hand to look straight ahead! Otherwise her head rested on her chest. Can you picture a woman walking around with her chin resting on the palm of her hand all the time?

Still I hope it took care of her pain and what ever was causing it was healed. It's still hilarious to think about.

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