February 15, 2007

Scott Casey

My "cousin" Scott - I think we are 5th cousins (or 3rd cousins depending on how you figure them) our Great-Grandfathers were brothers, died this summer. Scott was a the type of person who left a mark on all who knew him. He sometimes babysat my brother, my cousin and I when we were on vacation in Michigan.

He was fun. There was a rope swing in his yard under the big tree where you could look out over the Lake. He spent a lot of time pushing us - really high - higher than the adults would.
One time we were over in their log cabin and some other teenagers came over and Scott, and his sister Carrie, let us hide under the pool table - I was a little intimidated by the older kids. He would pass us snacks and stuff while they sat around talking and playing pool. Then he "snuck" us out to his mom's house. He was always fun.

A free spirit to say the least!
He was known to stop and sleep on the beach if he got tired. And in the summers he might sublease his apartment out and camp all summer. He just enjoyed nature, enjoyed being outside and enjoyed life.

His mom reminded us all of how he would say good bye and I share that with you. He would raise his right hand in almost a wave and say,

"See you later, Do Great Things, Love you guys."

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