February 14, 2007

Lies and Good Intentions?

What do you do when someone outright lies to you about something? Especially when it is something that wasn't even on your radar, and all of a sudden you are having to reexamine things and try to shift gears and think things through? The emotional havoc of having to guess and second guess everything you thought you knew and still you come to the same conclusions - that contridict what you were told - but you can't get away from the certainty with which the statement was made. I'll tell you what I do. I call up the other person who is supposedly involved and ask straight out - Did you really say this. So after straightening out the "Facts" I'm left with - what do I do about the person who told the lie?

I still don't understand why she lied. It doesn't make any sense. It didn't profit her at all, she didn't get a huge reaction out of me, I simply don't get it. I have been told that she had "good intentions". But what could those possibly be? If I had simply run with this information and not cross checked it against what I know to be true, I could have been very embarassed, humiliated, hurt, etc. So how does that equate to "good intentions"?

I guess I'll never get it.

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