December 7, 2006

Snow and Ice

I like to say that the people where I live see a rain drop and drive off the road; but when they see a snowflake, they drive into one another (spend some time here and you'll say I'm not that far off). This morning, my ten minute drive to work took me a hour - okay well 40minutes when you subtract the time I spent in the Corn Field.

What? Yes, that's right, due to the stellar driving skills of another driver, I spent 20 minutes in a cornfield this morning. The roads were unplowed and unsalted and barely covered with snow, but definitely had ice patches. I was driving in an area that has two 90 degree turns back to back, when a truck decided that it would be a good time to whip out in front of me, fish tailing in the process. In order to avoid hitting this massive vehicle, with my little one, I had to turn my steering wheel. By turning my wheel I began to fish tail - under normal conditions and a straight road - not a problem, with another 90 degree turn coming up ahead, I had to make some quick decisions - risk driving into a tree, a brick wall, or a deep ditch, or drive off the road into a corn field.

I thought the Corn Field made the most sense. Now, being partly from South Alabama, the was not my first time to drive through a corn field. It was however, my first time, in a small car not prepared to deal with the mud and without the ability to climb up a shallow slippery hill. At one point I found myself at a 45 degree angle (horizontally)! But God showed His favor on me and a kind man came to give me a "push" while I "got a running start" - which basically consisted of me covering myself, my car, and the nice man in mud. After getting unstuck, again, I found a place where the tractors come in and out of the field (and few tire ruts) and managed to get out.

BTW - I am getting new tires tomorrow.

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