February 13, 2007

Perspective Shift

In science class, when we wanted to measure something but it had to put it in something, we would set the container on the scale - and zero it out - this is called a Tare (a counterweight used in chemical analysis to balance the weight of a container). Once you have done this the scale measures the weight of the liquid.

I have found in life this happens a lot easier than we would like to think. For example: for the last couple weeks it has been Stinkin' Cold outside (Stinkin' Cold is colder than cold, and colder than frigid). Temperatures have been hovering around 1 degree Farenheit - with windchills well below zero. Now normally I would call 32 degrees cold - it is freezing, literally, afterall - however, yesterday it felt like a heat wave! My perspective had shifted. 32 is quite a bit warmer than 1, but in reality it is still COLD! Only when I looked at the thermometer did I realize exactly how cold it really was.

I believe we do this in our spiritual lives as well. We get used to a certain standard - the culture we are living in - and we think we may be doing pretty well. Until we look at the thermometer (The Word of God) which tells us where we really are. We come to accept things that scripture says we shouldn't because we are so accustomed to the world around us. This is why God tells us to "renew your mind" to soak in the Word so that our perspective is adjusted towards His standards and not those in the world around us.

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