November 9, 2007

Upside Down Christmas Trees

Has anyone else seen this new trend?? What's up with that? Laura and I were talking last week about Holiday trends and this is one I hope doesn't catch on. Although on some levels it's an interesting and space saving idea - it just seems wrong. But then I started pondering Christmas Trees in general - we chop down a living tree and put it on our living room, back in the day they set it on fire (or at least the candles on it), throw food on it in the form of candy and popcorn balls and sit around singing and staring at it. Then we "enjoy" it for a month and finally throw it out with the trash.

Not really a logical thought process when you think about it. And yet, after all of that, I still think it seems wrong to hang it upside down from the ceiling.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, an upside down tree - that just seems very wrong.

    A few years ago one of my mom's coworkers gave me a really nice artificial tree (she was getting a new one.) I looks really nice. I do miss the fun of going to pick out a tree, but the truth is, living on my own, that task was less fun anyway. Now at least I'm not trashing a perfectly good tree every year. My cat seems to enjoy climbing to the top of the artificial one just as much as she liked scaling the real one :)