March 16, 2009

La, La, La, La, What?!?!

So I keep telling myself that I need to post on something or someone other than Naithen and then he does something really funny. This morning we were working on saying the L sound because he calls his brothers Wance and Wayne instead of Lance and Layne.

Tami (Naithen's Mother): La, La, La, Lance.

Naithen: La, La, La, Wance.

Tami: No, La, La, La, LLLLLance.

Naithen: La, laaa, Laaaaa, Wance.

Tami: La, La, Laaaa---

Naithen (interrupting): La, La, La, Shain is going outside can I go with him?

Since we were laughing so hard, we had to let him go. Lesson over - or at least I think we learned that while practicing sounds, Naithen isn't connecting that the La, la, La is the first sound in Lance.

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