March 15, 2009

The Future

Today, Naithen told us what his future was going to be like. --In his own words, or close to it--

1) I am going to marry my wife. (Point in fact, this will probably happen, only she won't be his wife until after they are married).
2) We are going to make breakfast and eat it. (Chances are good this too will happen).
3) We will get a two-person bed and both sleep in it like Mommy and Daddy. (Another one to most likely come true).
4) We will have kids, but she isn't going to have kids today, tomorrow, or Sunday or Wednesday, and tell them what to do. (What else are kids for :-) )
5) We will go shopping and buy food and eat it when we get home.

So I think he may be 5 for 5. It's nice to know he can be fairly confident that his plans will happen the way he hopes they will. Of course then again, yesterday he told me he was going to be Batman when he grew up, so I guess nothing is set in stone.

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