March 6, 2009

People are Funny

I have long thought that people are funny. We do the strangest things and then think it is the other people who are weird. It's the funny quirks that make us so endearing to one another.

Let's take Naithen for instance. He's 4. I had been trying to get the little guy to sleep between two sheets instead of under a bunch of blankets that then had to be washed and it was a little frustrating. One day while making up his bed - which meant putting back on the flat sheet he kept taking off - I explained he was to sleep inside the pocket. This was an idea he LOVED! So much so that he would cry if something happened to his "pocket" at bedtime.

A couple days later I opened the freezer to get something out of it and I found Naithen's blankey inside. That seemed strange, so I took it out and set it on the counter. An hour later - it's nap time - Naithen goes running to the freezer to get his blanket. Yep. Apparently he puut it there himself. And burst into tears that is was gone. Not because it was missing, but because he "wanted it nice and cold for snuggling with." - This from the kid with four blankets on his bed and a corn bag that I have to heat up to keep him warm everynight. I'm thinking we might be able to skip a blanket or two off the bed.

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