March 8, 2009

Naithen Week

So apparently this is Naithen week on Gypsy Feet - speaking of the title of this blog... I don't know why it says "style" at the top and I can't make it disappear. Oh well.

Okay let me share some pertinent informaiton with you. First off, you must understand that Naithen likes to entertain his youngest sister, Eilyse, who is almost 4 months old by standing in front of her and holding his hands up in front of his eyes like binoculars and saying "Glasses on," then he moves his hands behind his back and says "Glasses off." This is then repeated over and over and over getting faster and faster and faster, much to Eilyse's delight. She will just laugh and laugh at him.

Okay so now that you have the background, here is what happened last night...

I'm sitting - and by sitting I mean I was more wallowing/slouching as I was really tired - on the couch waiting for everyone to show up so we can start our movie for family night, when Naithen walks up and stands in front of me. He then proceeds to position his face in front of mine like he does when he's talking to Eilyse.

Naithen: Glasses on, Glasses off, Glasses on, Glasses off, Glasses Ahh--- Why are you not smiling?

Me: I am sorry I was tired. Here (large smile).

Naithen: That's better. Glasses on, Glasses off, Glasses on, Glasses off... (Furrow's his brow).

Me: What is wrong now?

Naithen: You aren't doing what Eilyse does.

Me: What is that?

Naithen: It just isn't fun if you don't do what Eilyse does.

Me: Well, if you don't tell me what Eilyse does, I can't do it.

Naithen: Eilyse kicks her feet and drools.

Me: Hmmm, so I think you need to go find Eilyse because I'm not drooling to make you happy and if I kick my feet I'll kick you.

Naithen: (Large frown, slumped shoulders). Eilyse thinks I'm funny.

At this point I was rolling on the floor just trying to picture myself kicking my feet, drooling and babbling like an infant just to make a 4 year old feel better about himself. Maybe I'm selfish - but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

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