November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip, Part I

Thanksgiving in most families consists mainly of a meal, perhaps an extra extra long weekend and football. Not so in my family. For us, this is the ULTIMATE holiday. The time everyone comes together and spends about a week together. It is full of some of my favorite holiday traditions such as Day-after-Thanksgiving-bowling and a newer tradition Giggleberry Mountain. It also coinsides with both my uncle and grandmother's birthdays, so you can imagine the celebrations go all week. This year we have the honor of two extra guests, from England. Listening to Trevor, my cousin's boyfriend, and his mother and brother has been quite fun. It has also been nice getting to know them a bit better. Tonight is Uncle John's birthday and so I am heading out the door, but I promise to write more later, as I should probably get back to blogging.

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