July 28, 2011

The Adventure is About to Begin...

In 23 days I will arrive in Haiti to work with Hands and Feet Project at the Children's Village in Cyvadier, a village just east of Jacmel on the southern shore. As many of you know, Haiti is a country plagued with corruption, poverty and hardship. The mission of the Hands and Feet children's village is to raise up the children in their care, not to be adopted out to other countries (though a very few are), but rather to love them, educate them and train them to then, as adults, be responsible, capable, loving members of the Haitian society who can effect a change to improve their nation.

My plan, though I know God often changes plans, and I am open to His direction, is to spend three months in Haiti before returning to the states. The three month internship is an unpaid position and if you would like to help support my time there financially, or contribute to the ministry in general there are a couple ways to do that. The first is to write a check to Redeemer Church in Norman (let me know if you need an address) and put something in the memo line about Hands and Feet, the second is to donate directly through hands and feet through their website. Both of these should be tax deductible contributions.

Two other ways to contribute would be through prayer support and moral support! I won't have phone access, which is how I usually keep in touch with people. So, emails and facebook messages will be greatly welcomed! I will try to keep my blog and facebook updated to share with you all what is happening and specific ways you can pray for me and the children (and other staff).

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