March 13, 2009

Naithen and the Coyotes

Sometimes life is hard when you are number 9 in a line of 11. First off, you don't get away with very much because there are so many people older than you keeping you in line. Second, in Naithen's own words "why are there so many people in charge of me?" - there are lots of people older than you who feel free to tell you what to do. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing, like when you keep trying NOT to do something and 5 people in succession give you the same "Naithen, you need to go clean up your toys."

One day Naithen told his Mommy, "I want to go to my REAL Mommy's house."

"I don't know where that is," replied his mother.

"It's past Mimi and Granddad's, past guitar, go south, go north, go east, go west and keep going past everyone and then you get there."

These, by the way, are the same directions to get to his soccer practice, because at 4 he's too young to play on a team here, but would really like to play like his big brothers.

So that was a really long rabbit trail to tell you of the plight of little Naithen one night, when everyone wanted him to do something and he just didn't want to comply. So, he got sent to bed. Now I must preface this by telling you that he really is a sweet little boy, with a sweet spirit and the following is NOT normal for him and because of it's unusualness I did find it kind of funny. After sitting on his bed for a while, I went in to tell him goodnight and tuck him in. This is when he told me he wanted coyotes to come and eat his family (I had visions of Home Alone run through my mind).

Me: That would be very sad. I don't want to be eaten.

Naithen: Then they couldn't tell me what to do anymore.

Me: Let's have pleasant thoughts and go to sleep.

Naithen: I need my blankie.

Me: Okay, I'll go get it. It's not in the freezer, is it?

Naithen: No, but when you get it will you call the Coyotes?

Me: So they can eat us?

Naithen: Yes.

Me: No. ( I went and got his blanket and came back in the room)

Naithen: Did you call the coyotes?

Me: No. I don't want to be eaten.

Naithen: Fine. Goodnight. (Then he gave me a kiss).

Me: Goodnight.

The next morning he told me he was glad the coyotes hadn't come to eat us. I told him I was glad too.

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