March 10, 2009

"To eliminate a necklace would have taken another half hour"

That has always been one of my favorite lines from Simply Irresistible. Today, Natylee had a day like that. She came to get me from the kitchen to tell me it was time to get dressed. We went to her closet and started looking at outfits.

Me: Do you want pants or a dress?
Natylee: Yes.
Me: Well, which one?
Natylee: That one.
Me: This one?
Natylee: Yes. (I hand her a hot pink skort and yellow shirt with pink lollypop on the front).
Me: Do you want help.
Natylee: Me do.
Me: Okay.
Natylee: I want that one. (pointing at denim jumper with light pink and blue flowers on the front).
Me: You can't wear both. Pick one.
Natylee: Okay. (then she runs out of the room and comes back wearing the following - white leggings, Hot pink skort, YEllow longsleeve t-shirt, AND the Jumper).

Yes - you read that correctly - she wore two complete outfits all day today. I'll try to post a pictre.

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